ReflexMC Map 1 - News, Features, Prizes, & More!
By AllenPlays @ 30 March 2018 - 10:00 PM

Server Information:
Store: buy.ReflexMC.net
Server IP: Play.ReflexMC.net
Website: www.ReflexMC.net
Discord: www.ReflexMC.net/Discord

Hello everyone, welcome to the ReflexMC Community News page! Here we will be posting all news regarding to the server, and updates that come with that. As we're sure you know, this is our first map. This means that we have a long future ahead of us, and our number one priority in our first map is to not only grow the community, but make sure that we do nothing but improve in the future. Countless of hours of development, building, and very hard work has gone into creating the server already, and we're looking forward to putting countless more hours in.

Map 1 Payouts

Our first map will include a $1,000 F-Top Payout Reward. These rewards will be given to the top 3 factions on the payout date. (F-Top will be calculated at 12am PST on payout days)
We will have two payout periods, the Week 3 payouts will include the following:
Faction #1 - $250 Buycraft Voucher
Faction #2 - $150 Buycraft Voucher
Faction #3 - $100 Buycraft Voucher

On our final day of the map, we will have our final payout period.
Week 6 payouts will include the following:
Faction #1 - $250 Paypal
Faction #2 - $150 Paypal
Faction #3 - $100 Paypal
We hope that these prizes will suffice for our first map, as we are hoping to increase the winnings in our future maps.
On behalf of the ReflexMC Staff Team, we hope to see you on server release!